This page will tell you how to make bricks invisible, reflect, and even be able to keep them from moving.


This page will assume that you are using Roblox Studio (Start ►All Programs ►Roblox ►Roblox Studio). It will also assume that you have the tools bar open (click tools in the upper left hand corner of your moniter).


Select the brick you want to make invisible. Click View ►Properties. Select the brick, and set the Transparency to a number (1 is fully invisible, 0 is fully visible).


If the properties tab is not open click View ►Properties. Select the brick, and set the Reflectance to a number (1 is fully reflective, 0 is not visible at all).

Keeping a Brick From MovingEdit

Click the little picture that looks like a little platform (next to the little lock). Then when your cursor turns into an anchor click the brick you want to anchor. This also works to anchor an entire model

Klye113 04:23, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

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