How to create a car Edit

This is a very easy tutorial on how to make a car within Roblox Edit

First, insert a brick into the game and in the properties menu (click on Tools-->View-->Properties to open Properties tab--> Scroll to the bottom tab) make the size in properties 3,3,3, and change the the shape to a cylinder (above size)

Next in the Properties menu, click the 'Surface' tab, change the "Right Surface" to "Hinge" and make every other side smooth. These will be the wheels.

Copy and Paste the first wheel four or as many times as you want in order to suit the car you aim to make.

In the Explorer menu (click on Tools-->View-->Explorer to open Explorer)Open Workspace, right-click the parts (do this step on-by-one), click 'Rename', then name the wheels LeftWheel1, LeftWheel2, RightWheel1, and RightWheel2. If you made more than four, then name them RightWheel3, LeftWheel3 and so on and so forth.

Now make a base for the car - it can be any size, but 6,16, is recommended.

Attach the wheels onto the base with the hinge facing the car.

Then click on Workspace in Explorer an click on Tools-->Insert-->Object then find a icon with text beside it saying VechiceSeat

A seat should appear somewhere, Put the seat on the base and then using the Drag tool click on all the bricks(hold Ctrl to select more than one brick) and hold down Ctrl and G. It should now be grouped all together nicely.

The controls for the car are the arrow keys

Now then if you want you can make walls and stuff when you are done group this togther and call it BodyKit in the Explorer and finally click on the BodyKit and The Car and Group them togther