1.Watch the video. 2. Lets get started.

3.ok so what u need to do is insert a brick.

4. In that brick put a special mesh.

5. In the mesh look at mesh id in mesh id insert this link (7ff2735b442790a1b6fe9d416656349e)

6. In ur backpack insert a tool and in that tool put the brick with the mesh inside it not the tool in the brick the brick in the tool.

7. In the brick insert a sound and call it fire.

8. Now in the sound look for something called sound id and in the sound id insert this id (e004cac52c50c98762ee112ad143d242).

9. Now make sure its not looped.

10. Add another sound in the same brick and call it reload.

11. In reload look for sound id and in it put this (

12. Make sure its not looped as well.

13. Call the brick Handle.

14. Now in the tool insert a script call it brick clean up, in the script insert this code

15. The code for brick clean up ▼(as follows)▼.

-- this script removes its Parent's parent from the workspace after 24 seconds
script.Parent.Parent = nil 
--This is the easiest script in the entire game of Roblox

16. Insert another script in the tool and call it paintball.

17. In the paintball script add this code ▼(as follows)▼.

ball = script.Parent 

damage = 7 function Poison(character, attacker)  
if (character:FindFirstChild("ForceField") ~= nil) then return end
if (character:FindFirstChild("Poison") == nil ) then
local s = script.Parent.Poison:clone()
s.Disabled = false
s.Parent = character
end end function onTouched(hit) local humanoid = hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid") ----change humanoid to zombie if u want it to kill only zombies -- make a splat for i=1,3 do local s ="Part") s.Shape = 1 -- block s.formFactor = 2 -- plate s.Size =,0,0) s.BrickColor = ball.BrickColor local v =,1), math.random(0,1), math.random(-1,1)) s.Velocity = 25 * v s.CFrame = + v, v) ball.BrickCleanup:clone().Parent = s s.BrickCleanup.Disabled = false s.Parent = game.Workspace end if humanoid ~= nil then Poison(humanoid.Parent, attacker) tagHumanoid(humanoid) humanoid.Health = humanoid.Health - damage wait(2) untagHumanoid(humanoid) end connection:disconnect() ball.Parent = nil end
function tagHumanoid(humanoid) -- todo: make tag expire local tag = ball:findFirstChild("creator") if tag ~= nil then local new_tag = tag:clone() new_tag.Parent = humanoid end end

function untagHumanoid(humanoid) if humanoid ~= nil then local tag = humanoid:findFirstChild("creator") if tag ~= nil then tag.Parent = nil end end end connection = ball.Touched:connect(onTouched) wait(2) ball.Parent = nil --Made by Alagor and Trenex

18. In the tool insert another script and call it PaintBallShooter.

19. In the paintballshooter script insert this code ▼(as follows)▼.

Tool = script.Parent 
colors = {37,} 
function fire(v)
 local vCharacter = Tool.Parent 
local vPlayer = game.Players:playerFromCharacter(vCharacter) 
 local missile ="Part") 
  local spawnPos = vCharacter.PrimaryPart.Position 
 spawnPos  = spawnPos + (v * 8) 
  missile.Position = spawnPos 
missile.Size =,1,1) 
missile.Velocity = v * 500 
missile.BrickColor =[math.random(1, #colors)]) 
missile.Shape = 0 
missile.BottomSurface = 0 
missile.TopSurface = 0 
missile.Name = "Paintball" 
missile.Elasticity = 0 
missile.Reflectance = .1 
missile.Friction = .3 
 local force ="BodyForce") 
force.force =,200,0) 
force.Parent = missile 
 Tool.BrickCleanup:clone().Parent = missile 
  local new_script = script.Parent.Paintball:clone() 
new_script.Disabled = false 
new_script.Parent = missile 
  local poisonsc = script.Parent.Poison:clone() 
poisonsc.Parent = missile 
 local creator_tag ="ObjectValue") 
creator_tag.Value = vPlayer 
creator_tag.Name = "creator" 
creator_tag.Parent = missile 
 missile.Parent = game.Workspace
Tool.Enabled = true 

function onActivated() 
if not Tool.Enabled then
Tool.Enabled = false
local character = Tool.Parent;
local humanoid = character.Humanoid
if humanoid == nil then
print("Humanoid not found")
local targetPos = humanoid.TargetPoint 
local lookAt = (targetPos - character.Head.Position).unit  

 Tool.Enabled = true

--Made by Alagor and Trenex

20. In the tool insert another script and call it poison.

21. In the poison script insert this code ▼(as follows)▼.

function Poison()

 local character = script.Parent local humanoid = character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")  
if (character:FindFirstChild("ForceField") ~= nil) then return end  
local childs = character:GetChildren()  
local colors = {}  
for i=1,#childs do
if (childs[i].className == "Part") then
colors[i] = childs[i].BrickColor
childs[i].BrickColor =
end end wait(1)

for i=1,#childs do
if (childs[i].className == "Part") then
childs[i].BrickColor = colors[i]
end end
--tagHumanoid(humanoid, attacker)
humanoid:TakeDamage(14)wait(0.5) --untagHumanoid(humanoid) end for i=1,10 do Poison() wait(.3) end script.Parent = nil --Made by Alagor and Trenex

22. In the tool insert another script and call it "weld script".

23. In the weld script insert this code ▼(as follows)▼.

   Table of contents
   WCR - Weld Creation
   WPR - Weld Parents
   WP0 - Weld Part 0
   WP1 - Weld Part 1
   WC1 - Weld C1
bin = script.Parent
function weld()
--==============Weld Creation(WCR)==============--
local w1 ="Weld")
local w2 ="Weld")
local w3 ="Weld")
local w4 ="Weld")
--==============Weld Parents(WPR)==============--
w1.Parent = bin.Handle
w2.Parent = bin.Handle
w3.Parent = bin.Handle
w4.Parent = bin.Handle
--===============Weld Part0(WP0)==============--
w1.Part0 = w1.Parent
w2.Part0 = w2.Parent
w3.Part0 = w3.Parent
w4.Part0 = w4.Parent
--===============Weld Part1(WP1)===============--
w1.Part1 = bin.Bunt
w2.Part1 = bin.BarrelHold
w3.Part1 = bin.Barrel
w4.Part1 = bin.Sight
--================Weld C1(WC1)================--
--======================================--w1.C1 = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(-0.4, 0, 0) *, 0.2, -1) 


w2.C1 = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(math.pi/2, 0, 0) *, 0, 2)
w3.C1 = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(math.pi/2, 0, 0) *, 0, 2.2)
w4.C1 = CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(0, math.pi/2, math.pi) *, -0.3, 1)
--Made by Alagor and Trenex

24. In the tool insert a local GUI.

25. In the local gui insert this code ▼(as follows)▼.

local Tool = script.Parent; 
enabled = true 

function onButton1Down(mouse) 
if not enabled then 
enabled = false  
mouse.Icon = "rbxasset://textures\\GunWaitCursor.png"
mouse.Icon = "rbxasset://textures\\GunCursor.png" 
enabled = true  


function onEquippedLocal(mouse) 
 if mouse == nil then 
print("Mouse not found")

mouse.Icon = "rbxasset://textures\\GunCursor.png" 
mouse.Button1Down:connect(function() onButton1Down(mouse) end)

--Made by Alagor and Trenex
26. Thats it then a just the grips to make it looks like your character is holding the weapon.

27. Save to roblox call it the "serpent sting pistol".

28. Enjoy. You have finished.

--Made by Alagor and Trenex

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